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Toni Nadal. "it's ATP's fault if Rafael never won WTF"

January 5, 2013, 8:10 am - (1 year ago)
Uncle Toni Nadal. "it's ATP's fault if Rafael never won WTF"

he states these things:

- this year Nada had a great first half of the year, then came wimbledon, Rosol deserved the win, but Nadal probably wouldn't have lost the match if he wasn't injured. Before the match they were more worried about the knee than they were for the opponent.

- it's ATP's fault if Nadal has never won a WTF title since it's always played on fast (?!?) Hard courts. They should rotate surfaces. The problem is that they ask players where they want to play and most of them say they want fast HC since they are fast-court specialists.(!?!?) The ATP should decide by themselves, they shouldn't be listening to the players.
The article is in Italian, it reports an interview Toni gave to some Argentine journalists. EDIT: Thanks to duong who found the article in English:
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